How To Fill Gap Between Pool And Deck

How To Fill Gap Between Pool And Deck?

An Expansion joint is very effective to install to fill the gap between pool and deck. As seen from the deck, the space between the pool’s coping stones is what most people refer to like this. The seam is frequently sealed with caulk or some form of sealant that allows the materials on both sides of it to move without causing any severe damage to either.

Having no room for a pool expansion joint would cause major breaking if the concrete was poured right up to the coping stones without any space left for growth.

Here's how you can install the expansion joint

  • The first step is always surface preparation when correctly installing a joint between a pool and a deck. Both sides of the joint must be dry, clean, and firmly attached. Caulking should not commence until at least 30 days after freshly poured concrete has had a chance to harden.
  • The backer foam should be used instead of sand to fill the joint before applying caulk to ensure that it has something to stick to.
  • A self-leveling elastomeric sealant can be used for exterior applications.
  • Apply caulk until it is 3/8 to 1/2 inch deep by either shooting or toweling it in place after taping the joint.
  • To avoid hardening the caulk, remove the tape immediately.
  • The caulking should be inspected thoroughly once a year. As soon as the caulking begins to split or peel away from either side of the concrete or decking, you’ll have to start the process again from scratch. A new layer of caulk is not enough; you must also remove the old one and replace it. This does not serve any purpose, but it also wastes valuable resources.

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