How to Add Deck Jets to Existing Pool

How to Add Deck Jets to Existing Pool

Deck jets are one of the most beautiful things you can add to your pool. But what if you already have a pool without any pool jets? Can you add deck jets to your existing pool? What are the pros and cons of that? This article will answer those questions with essential information about deck jets.

What is deck jets?

A Deck jet is an ornamental pool setup where a motor shoots a water line inside the pool. It’s called a deck jet as it shoots water from the deck, and deck jets can easily shoot water to 4-11 feet high in the air. The height and power of shooting can be easily adjustable. You can also change the direction of the water and do creative stuff with it.
You can get the most out of your deck jet by adding LED lights of different colors. The water line absorbs light and creates mesmerizing sights in the dark. It’s also great for your pool health. The movement of water also blocks the sunlight inside your pool. Sunlight makes the chlorine evaporate.

As you can see, a pool deck is fun and beneficial to add to your pool. But can you add it to your existing pool?

Can You Add Deck Jets to Existing Pool?

Yes, it’s possible to add pool jets to your existing pools. But it’s a bit complicated and costly to retrofit deck jets to your existing pool. Deck jets themselves are pretty expensive. Each deck jet can cost about 1,000$. And if you want to add it to your existing pool, it will cost more. Adding deck jets while building a pool is relatively cheaper and more convenient. 

Call your pool installer company if you want to add deck jets to your existing pool. Make sure to choose a professional deck building company for that. They will let you know different deck jets options depending on your pool type. Generally, if your pool deck is not too wide, it will be easier to build deck jets for your existing pool.

Different types of deck jets

There are a lot of styles and types of deck jets you can choose from. It is fun to be creative and design your pool with your family. But you will need to know what you can do with deck jets.

There are different brands of deck jets, and they come with different features. But commonly, you can adjust the height and diffraction of the water line. Some deck jets will shoot a smooth line of water, while others will shoot uneven water lines. Choose the ones you like best.
You can set up lines of deck jets or try to make a point where all the water jets meet together. But make sure to plan them before you install the deck jets.

Deck jets are specially designed to consume a low amount of electricity. So it will not have much effect on your electric bills.