5 Questions to Ask Your Decking Contractor In Dayton Ohio

Do you offer a warranty? 

Usually, contractor warranties to protect structural harm are correlated with the building of the deck. Popular builders should offer a written statement that shows the time length and type of guarantee they will offer on their work. You should also be sure to ask about any constructors’ warranties on the items being used.

Can you provide references? 

Reading the reviews available online is one thing, and personally speaking with the previous customer is another thing. The second one gives a high level of assurance. Once your initial questions have been answered, after that, you feel comfortable with the contractor. After this step, take the time to communicate with a few references to ask questions about the quality of the work and overall experience in order to ensure you are making the best decision.

When Will the Work Begin and Finish?

Working always goes way too smoothly at the time when the contractor and owner are on the same page. Therefore, it’s significant to have a timeline of when they’ll be doing all the work, from the very beginning to the end.

Are you and your company licensed and insured? 

It is important for you to ensure the contractor you select has insurance and the required licenses to gain authorization by calling his or her insurance company for verification. Without such coverage, the risk of you being liable increases.

What is your past experience?

While looking for a contractor, it is important to know about their working experience. After knowing about their experience, you can ask about the companies they worked with. You can also learn about the types of decks that they have built so far.

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